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『風が吹くのに理由はない』の原書、『A Day in the Life』のご感想が届きました!

『風が吹くのに理由はない』の原書、『A Day in the Life』のご感想が届きました!

そのオーディションでの成績上位10名の方に、原著者Anjum Hasan氏のサイン入り原書『A Day in the Life』をプレゼントいたしましたところ、ご感想が届きましたので、ご紹介します! ご感想をありがとうございました。

N.S 様(50代/北海道)
「A Day in the Life」に収録されているストーリーには、年齢もバックグランドも異なるさまざまな人々が登場します。孤独を感じる者や、無力感にさいなまれる者、他者との関係性に戸惑う者や、日々の生活に疲弊する者。この本は、そうした人々の姿や心情を切り取り、日常生活で起きた何気ない出来事や、他者との関わり合いを通して起こる気持ちの揺らぎを丁寧に描いています。

著者 Anjum Hasan氏へのメッセージ
I am honored to have received your autographed book, which I really enjoyed reading.
A Day in the Life: Stories totally captured my heart. I liked the way it depicts various people from different backgrounds and generations who sometimes feel loneliness, powerlessness, and anxiety in their daily lives. It shows their emotional swings through unexpected incidents or relationships with others.
The character sketches are deep, intense, and portrayed with several shades of complexity. We sometimes struggle with living in a diverse and multifaceted age and we often feel stress, because things do not work out as intended or because we can’t accept another’s opinions and values. The people in this book have such feelings, and I understand their dilemmas and identify with them. They come from Indian society, but those feeling are universally true. Therefore, I believe that this book will garner interest and leave a strong impression on people all over the world, including Japan. It is my hope that your stories will reach the hearts of as many people as possible. Thank you for giving me a chance to read your wonderful book.

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